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As the chairman of the Gloucestershire Branch of the Aden Veterans Association, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website. If this is your first visit to the site, please browse through to find out what we do, and how you can contact us. If you are already a member you will find the latest information about events in our area as well as further afield. 

The Aden Veterans Association, our parent body, is a tri-service organisation founded on the 25th March 2000. The aims are firstly to maintain the memory of all those who gave their lives for the cause of peace in Aden and the Protectorate. The second is to promote, and maintain, comradeship amongst the members. 

The Gloucestershire Branch was founded on the 5th April 2008 at Stroud Conservative Club (Carlton House, London Road, Stroud. GL5 2AQ). This remains the venue for our quarterly and Annual General meetings.

Our Branch standard was dedicated in Gloucester Cathedral on the 18th March 2009. In December 2012 a commemorative plaque was mounted on the War Memorial at the Long Garden in Cheltenham, where we hold an annual open air service.



Are you eligible to join?

If you, or your parents, served in Aden up to the British Withdrawal on the 29th November 1967, either in HM Forces or in a civilian capacity, or if you went to school in Aden, were born within the Protectorate, we would warmly welcome you to join us at one of our meetings. If you are an AVA member visiting the area you are cordially invited to join us for any of our various events. All I would ask is that you make contact, in advance, with our Branch Secretary, Michael Compton.

Additional to this excellent website we produce a triannual Newsletter, sent on-line to most of our Branch members with hard copies to those without computer access. The latest Newsletter is always available here,. If you have been interested, and motivated, by this website we hope to welcome you to our thriving Branch.


Membership Secretary


The Membership Secretary is  Chris Bridle, remind you, all memberships are due for renewal on Jan 31st each year, so if you have failed to renew and still wish to do so then please send your remittance to Chris ASAP.

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